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SolarPanelOrangeCounty.com was created because we believe that the transition to alternative energy is not only one of the biggest ways to save on your monthly utility bills, but also a great way to help our environment. Our team is all local to orange county and knowing how expensive your electricity bill can be, was a large motivating factor for us to start helping people with their transition into solar energy. Whether your electric provider is San Diego gas and electric  (SDGE) or Souther california Edison, I'm sure you have felt the hurt of summer when your electricity bill is in the Hundreds of dollars. One of the members of our team actually had an $1,100 dollar electricity bill last year... SHEESH! Well its our goal to try and help as many people as possible move away from the high priced eneregy of the large power providers, and help you start harnessing the power of the sun.  One of the most profound points we have seen made when it comes to solar energy was featured here...

In a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in an year.

Take a second and let that soak in. If we were able to harness even a fraction of the suns power in an efficient scalable way we could literally power the entire world for millenia to come. Man doesn't that get you excited ? Well it gets us psyched so we are trying to help as many people as possible get solar panels installed on their home and move us closer to a sustainable energy model!

If you are considering getting solar panels for your home in orange county then we think you should call us because we are the BEST! You wouldn't want to go with someone who didin't think they were the best right :-)


Cheers ! 

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Josh lives in beautiful orange county, ca and absolutely loves it there. He enjoys spending the weekends with his wife and kids at his favorite beach (the strand).

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