May 8, 2017

Photovoltaic system

If you have started to do research on solar energy  systems then you have probably heard the term photovoltaic .. right ?


April 20, 2017

solar tax credits

Being taxed for most of us is something akin to having a root canal. However, if you are living in California and are environmentally conscious, then you should brace yourself to save some money. The federal government in a bid to enact the Emergency Economy Stabilization Act in 2008, offered support for the growth of the renewable energy industry. Solar tax credits and incentives became available to those that are interested in using solar energy for whatever reason. So whether you want to follow your passion for renewable energy or you just want to follow what your friends are doing, solar energy is a good thing.


April 16, 2017

how does solar energy work

The sun is the largest and naturally occurring nuclear reactor. It releases energy in the form of photons; which come in enough volumes to satisfy our planets energy needs. This energy is what is referred to as solar generated power. Solar energy is constantly improving, and the costs are rapidly dropping as the ability to effectively harness more from the sun keeps getting better by the day. Before we go into that, what is solar power and how does it work?Basically, a solar energy system consists of Photovoltaic ( P V ) cells which convert sunlight into current electricity. The system also has an inverter that turns direct current - derived from the cells - into alternating current. Other components such as the electrical panels and utilit...


April 20, 2017

Solar Panel Facts

It is understandable that the process of acquiring a solar energy system can be confusing especially with numerous companies giving a lot of different information. It is however important that you are furnished with enough knowledge to help you make informed choices. It is necessary that you understand the dynamics of solar if you are to select the best options for you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that will give you useful preliminary information about solar energy systems.

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