With Orange County Electricty rates being over 35% higher than the national average , I think we can agree that switching to solar energy is an enticing option. 

Well in this post we will go over the amazing benefits that you can realize by becoming your own power company, and harnessing solar energy at your orange county home. 

Here is exactly what we will cover: 

Solar energy in Orange county is an ideal fit for a number of reasons. Obviously one of the biggest reasons has to do with the tremendous amount of sunshine that Orange county is famous for. While there is sunshine everywhere in the world, few regions can boast as many sunny days where conditions are as ideal for generating solar power as Orange county can. The abundant sunshine that Orange county is known for will actually enable most people to have enough solar panels installed to cover all or virtually all of the power needs. This is a huge benefit because when you generate all of your electricity needs with your solar system you won't ever have to worry about rate increases from the electric company. While you will still be connected to and draw power from the grid when needed, you will also be feeding power back into the grid to cover what you use. In most cases people with a well designed solar power system will be able to avoid paying for much electricity, and will instead only have to pay a monthly fee to remain connected to the grid. So to summarize rate hikes won't be an issue for you ever if you decide to go solar.

Solar Energy Is Clean And Renewable Energy That Everyone Can Take Advantage Of

One of the biggest advantage regarding solar power in Orange county is that it is something that is accessible to the average person. There are other renewable energy sources out there, such as hydroelectric or wind power, but those all require large scale construction and specific types of geographic formations (large moving body of water) or atmospheric conditions (lots of wind). Even if you happen to have these needs met you are then going to have to do some large scale construction of a wind turbine system or hydroelectric power plant if you want to take advantage of those options. Because of the amount of construction needed to build a wind turbine farm or hydroelectric power plant these are options that are most frequently used for large scale power generation. In other words these are great technologies that utilize renewable resources to generate electricity, but they are not a realistic option for the average person to have put up on their property.

On the other hand the solar panels that are made today are highly efficient and all that you need is to have enough roof space to put them up. Because of this solar panels are a way that the average person can make a difference. This will definitely benefit the environment, but on top of that it will also benefit you financially. You should be able to save some money on a monthly basis when you have solar panels, and if you decide to purchase them then in time you will have your panels paid off completely and will be able to enjoy free electricity from that point onward. The bottom line here is that the sun is going to keep shining on your roof so you may as well take advantage of that sunshine and use it to benefit the planet and your bank account.

Solar Panels Give You A Way To Lock In Your Rates Long Term

Over time one thing you can count on when it comes to your electric company is that they will raise your rates. It may not be much at a time, but when you compare your electric bill today to what it was 5 or 10 years ago you'll probably start to see a significant difference. Here is a great pdf on understanding how and why electricity rates are raised (click here).  The great thing about solar is that once you have it set up the amount of money you pay to the solar company each month will remain locked in and constant. So going solar will not only save you money each month on your electric bill, it will also keep your rates locked in at a lower level so that you don't ever have to worry about them going up. Over the course of decades going solar can literally save you thousands of dollars.

Solar Panels Can Add To The Value Of Your Home

Another great thing to keep in mind about solar energy in Orange county is that solar panels will generally increase the value of your home assuming of course that you are buying the panels. This of course is a huge bonus to anyone that owns a home, especially if you ever consider selling it. For example let's say that you get a standard 20 year loan on your solar panels, and you have about 20 years of payments left on your mortgage. If this is the situation you are in then in 20 years you will not only not have a mortgage, you will have little to no electric bill as well. That means that you can choose to stay in your home, which isn't a bad idea since your monthly expenses will be so low. Or you could choose to sell your home, and in that case the solar system you have installed should net you a higher selling price. So even though you will be paying for your solar system, if you ever decide to sell your home you should be able to recoup some or even all of what you paid, that makes a solar system an ideal investment.

Going Solar Is The Smart Move To Make For A Number Of Reasons

Solar energy in Orange county is a growing, even booming industry because of how ideal of a location this region is for using solar panels. If you want a lower monthly electric bill then you might want to consider leasing your panels. With a lease you will usually enjoy a slightly lower payment than you would if you made a purchase, which can be very beneficial to many people. If you are willing to pay a little bit more on a monthly basis, and you are looking at long term financial rewards, then buying is the way to go. In either case making the decision to have solar panels installed is going to benefit you financially, and on top of that it will benefit the environment.


So now your probably asking ... well I know all this about choosing the right solar provider ... but how much is it really going to cost. You can lear more about solar costs here >>> Solar Cost Orange County, CA

Last Updated 4/19/2017

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