When driving through your neighborhood you have probably seen an ever growing number of roofs with solar panels on them ... Right ? 

While the number of people who have decided to make the jump to solar energy is increasing there are still many people that aren't exactly sure if installing solar panels on their home is really worth it. With that in mind in this post we will cover just what is involved in getting solar panels installed on your orange county home, and what kind of benefit you can expect to see. 

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Solar Panel Installation Orange County, CA

With more and more people starting to see the benefits of going solar it should come as no surprise that the demand for solar panel installation in Orange county is starting to quickly grow. Solar panels offer a wide range of benefits for both homes and businesses, and these benefits are substantial enough that more people everyday make the decision to go solar. If you want proof of it just look around at the roof tops of homes and businesses as you drive around. If you do then chances are pretty good that you will be able to notice that there are more solar panels up today than there were just a few years ago. That difference will likely continue to become more apparent as more people decide to go solar and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Solar panel technology has continued to evolve over the years and the solar panels that are manufactured and installed today are both more efficient and more durable than earlier models. Why is this important? It's important for two reasons, both related to buying a solar system as opposed to leasing your system. Since solar panels today are more efficient than they were in the past they are capable of generating more electricity, which means that you can reach your power generating goals with less panels. What does that mean for you? It means you are spending less money on your solar system. The second factor in the equation here is that solar panels today are more durable and longer lasting than older models. Why is that important? It's important because the last thing you want to have happen is to have an expensive investment break down on you. On top of their improved durability many solar power companies will offer a long term warranty for their work as well as for the solar panels themselves.



Looking At The Financial Benefits Of Having A Solar System Installed In Your Home

While not many people like to admit it the fact remains that money is a major motivating factor in most people's lives. It's simply a product of the world that we live in. You need to make money to have a home, to pay your bills, to pay for expenses, to feed your family, to own a car, to do just about anything that has to do with modern life. So why wouldn't you consider going solar when it can help you to cut down on your expenses thus giving you more money? When you have a solar system installed your need to draw power from the power grid will be reduced. The amount that it is reduced will depend upon the size of the solar system installed. If you have enough of an area with abundant sunlight to install panels on, and you have abundant sunlight, which you do in Orange county, then you could even generate enough power to cover all of your electricity needs.

But wait a minute solar panels only work during the day so how can they cover all of my electricity needs when we use power at night? The answer to this is simple, it's called net metering. The way this works is when you have a solar system installed the power company will install a new type of power meter. So during times when your solar system is generating more electricity than you use, the excess power will flow back into the power grid and earn you credit with the power company. Then during times when you need power and can't generate enough, such as at night, the credit you earned will cover the cost of the electricity you are drawing from. So it really is possible to have a solar system installed in your home that will cover 100% of your electricity needs.

While having 100% of your electric bill offset by your solar system is great, that doesn't mean that you are going to be completely free of the electric company. Since your solar system is connected to the power grid it won't work unless the grid is up and running. You also need to keep in mind that you are still going to have to pay the power company every month since you are connected to the grid. The amount you pay though will be minimal compared to what you would pay if you were paying them for your electricity needs.

One of the biggest reasons that people shy away from getting a solar system is the sticker shock. While it's true that solar panel installation in Orange county can be expensive, it helps if you think of it as an investment into your home as opposed to an expense. Solar panels add to the value of your home, so should you ever decide to sell you should be able to recoup your investment in the panels, and with any luck at all you may even profit from having them.

Now, back to the cost. Unless you are wealthy you probably aren't going to want to foot the entire bill up front. That means that you are going to have to finance your system. The good news here is that there are a lot of different government incentives and tax credit programs that you can take advantage of to drop down the cost of your system. When you factor those in your monthly payments on your solar system plus your payment to the electric company since you are connected to the power grid, will almost always be less than you pay monthly right now. So since you have to pay a bill anyway why shouldn't you pay a bill that will enable you to one day get free electricity all the time?

Have you ever looked at your electric bill and thought that the amount of money you were spending each month to keep the lights and air conditioning on was ridiculous? Have you noticed that you seem to be paying more now than ever before? Well if you answered yes to either of these questions then you aren't alone. While we enjoy a great deal of sunshine here in California, that sunshine equates to higher temperatures, which gives us all a nice electric bill during the hot summer months.

On top of that the electric company you contract with can decide to raise rates at any time. Sure there are regulation in place to help control this, but those regulations only go so far. Inevitably electric rates go up, and when they do your bill follows suit. The great thing about going solar is that you don't have to worry about rates going up. If you rent a solar system then you are going to keep paying the same amount to the solar company you contracted with in order to generate your power needs. If you buy then you keep making your monthly payments which will remain the same year after year regardless of what kinds of rate hikes the power company manages to get across.



Looking At The Environmental Impact That Solar Has

We live in an age where our technology has given us the kind of life our ancestors probably could have scarcely imagined. But all of that technology doesn't run on air, most of it runs on electricity. Because of the enormous demand that we, as a society, have for electricity it should come as no surprise that the process of generating all of that electricity can be quite hazardous for the environment. From coal to natural gas, humanity has long burned fuels in order to generate electricity. Obviously burning anything is going to contribute to global warming, while at the same time depleting natural resources. In the last few decades nuclear power plants were toted as the future, and it is true that they generate pollution free electric power. Unfortunately they also produce radioactive nuclear waste, that then has to be stored for decades. Because of this, and the general fear that many people have of anything nuclear, this is a method for generating electricity that has never really been embraced by the public.

With nuclear power an unpopular option, and using fossil fuels and other limited resources being a non sustainable option, it's only natural that people began to look for ways to generate energy with renewable resources. Hydroelectric power is one such option, and it works well in areas where there is the right type of geography including a large water supply. Wind farms have popped up in certain areas, but once again this method of generating electricity only works in certain types of areas. The last, and most popular renewable source that was tapped into to generate electricity is solar power.
Solar power doesn't work everywhere, but for the vast majority of our planet there is sufficient sunlight to get at least some benefit from solar panels. In a state such as sunny California conditions are ideal for solar power. What makes solar such a great option is that it is something that people can do on an individual level. You can't build a wind farm or a hydroelectric damn in your backyard, but you can put solar panels up on your roof. That means that the ability to generate clean and renewable electricity is in the hands of the individual. That gives us an ability as a society to make our own personal choice about how we want to get our power, and how we want to treat our planet while doing so.
Once You Decide Solar Is The Way To Go What Should You Do Next?



Once you decide that you want to have solar panels installed in Orange county, the next step is figuring out how to proceed.

The decision to go solar is a big one, and it can have long lasting financial implications for you. That doesn't mean you should worry about making a commitment, it simply means that you need to weigh your options carefully before you make a final decision. The last thing you want to do is to commit to either a solar lease or purchase plan then realize that what you agreed to isn't the right fit for you. Not only do you have to decide if you want to lease or purchase your solar system, you also need to decide how many panels you want, and which company you should be working with.

The good news is that any reputable solar company will be able to help you make decisions about what types and how many different solar panels you are going to need. They will run some options for you and show you what your monthly payment will be for a lease, for a purchase, and also for different levels of electricity generating capacity. The bad news here is that there are more solar power companies out there than ever before, so narrowing down your choices to only one can be difficult. So what do you look for when considering which company to hire for solar panel installation in Orange county?

Start out by taking a moment to catch your breath and realizing that you don't have to make a decision right now. You can take a little time, do some research, and compare options. When looking to have solar panel installation in Orange county looking at the quotes from different companies can be confusing. What you should focus on is looking at the overall cost of the system, what percentage of power it will generate to cover your needs, what types of incentives or tax credits you get, the length of the loan or lease, and the monthly payment. When you compare the numbers focusing on these specific areas you can simplify the process and also make sure that you remain focused on the right things when looking to make your decision.


Conclusion : Going Solar Is Good For Your Bank Account And The Planet

Solar panels in Orange county makes sense for a number of reasons. First and foremost of course is that Orange county is famous for it's sunshine, so it is an ideal place to use solar for generating power. Of course there are other reasons as well, and a big one of those reasons is that going solar will save you money. Whether you choose to lease or buy, a solar system will save you money each month, and when you choose to purchase your solar panels you will eventually have them paid off and pay virtually nothing for electricity. In addition to helping to pad your bank account going solar is also good for the planet. The bottom line is that going solar should be an easy decision to make since it will save you money and is good for the environment.


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